Are you having hunger pangs? Craving for munching something spicy and hot? Yes!

If you are on the bustling streets of India, you are in heaven of food. There are countless hawkers at the streets showcasing their vibrant stalls and of course, amazing street food.

Well, how will you feel when you come to know that you can satisfy your taste buds by grabbing some delicious street delicacies without burning a hole in your pockets? Happy, hungry, excited and crazy! Right?

Or, if you are exploring out a city and need a quick bite, street food offers you some authentic and fusion food that can blow your mind completely.

So, if you have fifty bucks in your pocket and don’t know what to do with it, worry not, here is a list of dishes that every food lover must taste. We have a quick bundle of joy that you can easily enjoy even if you are broke or left with just 100 bucks in your pocket.

Grab these!

Pav Bhaji

First on the list is Pav Bhaji, which has its roots in Maharashtra. But, it is loved in many parts of the world. Yes, it is not only quite popular in India, but also in various other countries. No doubt, Indian cuisine has its followers scattered all over the world.

This dish is a delicious, tasty, spicy, and hot potato as well as vegetable stew served with crispy buns (Pav). And yes, how can we forget about the generous (half bar) amount of butter topped on the dish to add that special and rich taste. Wait, the most interesting part of the food diary is it comes only in 40 bucks. Yes! You read it right.

Ram Ladoo

Coming all the way from the beautiful views of J&K, this dish has made its place in our list due to its immense popularity. Be it streets of Delhi, Punjab, or Mumbai, this dish seems to rule every gourmand’s hearts always.

Just thing chilling winter and you are enjoying a plate of hot and spicy ram ladoo topped with green chutney and salad.  Yummy!!

Mirchi Bajji

Spicy, crunchy, and hot mirchi bajji served in many stalls all over India. It is something that won the hearts of everyone. If you are in love with spicy food, don’t miss out your hands on this. Try it!


Raggi Muddle

Now, if you have not heard about or taste this dish, you have to try this for sure. This is a well-known Andhra Pradesh and

Karnataka. It’s not only tasty, but also healthy at the same time.


Chura Matar

This is one dish that is quite adored in Varanasi and various other parts of Uttar Pradesh. Chura matar has simple flavors that tantalized your taste buds.



Akki Roti

Umm…looking for something that rules the street-food joints in South India, this dish has been ruling the taste buds of various food lovers. Simple, yet too delicious!

Food is something that has been an important part of Indian culture. And, this clearly reflects on the Indian food streets.

You have seen someone selling theses somewhere. Why not try all these?


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