Tricks to Look Slim without Exercise and Diet – A Must Try!


Losing weight is never a piece of cake, agreed? Well, what if I say that it is an easy task, that too without doing any heavy workout or crash diet. Yes, you read it right!
Stop rubbing the bottle for the genie to magically appear and make you look slimmer for the big date night or a lunch party because this won’t happen in one night. But, you can look slim on a dinner date with these tips without any pain. You must try these hacks up your sleeve to create an illusion that makes you look slim and gorgeous like always.

Without wasting any minute, let’s go right into it to discuss tips.

Invest in Lingerie

Go for lingerie that gives your body a perfect shape and make you look flawless. (Although, you are always looking amazing!) Do you know that most women wear wrong size bra? Yes, we don’t pay attention towards such details, despite the fact these are really the important ones. Moreover, wrong cups and unfitted bra make you look bulky and out of shape. Get a fitted thong or G-strings to give your butt and hips better shape.

Show Some Skin

If you think you got extra assets (you know, what I mean), you can resolve this problem by going for V neckline dresses. The logic behind this is really simple that the open, upside-down triangle creates a high focal point up and away from your midsection and offer you an illusion of a slimmer upper body. Actually, wider V-necklines visually balance broad hips and thigh. So, it is an amazing tip for the ladies out there who are conscious about their body shape. And, not to forget that every woman is uniquely beautiful in its own way.  V-neck cardigan and sweaters are quite trending this fall.


A do-it-yourself kit blends or salon spray tan helps in reducing the blemishes ( cellulite, stretch marks, veins and brown spots) that distract from the clean visual lines of arms and legs that are exposed. When you have flawless tall legs, you can give any outfit a lift up.

Skinny Heels – Magical Accessories for Any Wardrobe

Legs look sexy and slim in skirts paired with a shoe that has a tapered toe. Even sleek and amazing 2-inch stiletto can add that WOW factor to any outfit without much effort. One thing that is a complete NO is square-toe styles with a thick, chunky heel that make your legs look shorter and bulky. So, choose the right pair shoes to look stunning.  

Strategically Use Jewelry

It is a great hack to go for long necklaces add length to a short and bring attention away from hips and to the front and center of your body.  Big chandeliers and mid-chest bibs say look at the face and not the middle. Stacks of bangles and sparkly cuffs, draw eyes towards wrists instead of upper arms.

Embrace Shapewear

You can get rid of bulges while lifting breasts with the help of quality shapewear. It is always a good idea to go for extra-firm tummy control to wear under shifts and pencil skirts.

Unadorned Denim

Clean and streamlined jeans are the way to go. Flattering dark and embellished-pocket jeans are setting new trends in the fashion world. This fashion trend is here to stay for long. The leanest silhouettes of all: bootcut and straight leg.

Sport a Jacket Over Jeans

The crisp straight lines and narrow lapels of a blazer counteract excess curves. An open jacket is extra-slimming worn over V-neck tanks and dark-wash jeans. You can give you any simple look a stylish touch with a beautiful and trendy jacket.

Fabrics – Choose the Right Fabrics

Flat materials don’t add volume. You have a variety of fabrics such as cotton, denim, silks, and wool gabardine to choose from. There are certain fabrics that include fine cotton, cashmere, etc., that make you look slim. Try to avoid fabrics like crushed velvet, boucle, satin, fringe, metallic, leather brocade and many more.

Highlight Your Face

The simplest way to highlight your face is to highlight your face bone structure because this makes your face look slimmer and enhance your facial features. Always consider your skin tone to choose the right highlighter.

If you are planning to go out for dinner date want to hide some of your extra weight and look slimmer, you can try out these hacks. Flaunt your curvaceous body without worrying about how you look. One thing that we all should not forget that confidence is the key to always look flawless.



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