12 Jaw-Dropping Facts that You Won’t Believe are True!

jaw dropping facts
jaw dropping facts

Really, Wow, wonderful, and amazing, surely these are going to be the words that will fall out of your mouth because certain facts are hard to digest. Just likes these ones. Yes, these WTF facts, without any doubt will blow your mind completely. Excited? Hold your nerves and explores them.

You have to read them for sure! 

  1. Do you love samosas? Yes, this one is for you. It’s can’t be gulp down easily that samosas were not invented in India. You read it right! It was the Middle East, not India.
  2. The count of people who appear for the IIT-JEE is larger than the Population of Bhutan. What? Yes!
  3. Which one is taller Taj Mahal or Qutab Minar? No, It’s not Qutab Minar, Taj Mahal is the correct answer. The symbol of true love is just is 243.5ft in height, whereas Qutab Minar is only 239ft.
  4. Wondering why yawning is contagious? Don’t starch your head even scientists are clueless about it.
  5. Corn is completely and wholly man-made plant. Yes, the entire credit for giving us this wonderful vegetable goes to Mesoamerican civilizations like the Olmec and Mayans that cross-bred a variety of plants together. Intelligent People, I must say!
  6. Every single day, the number of people who take Mumbai local trains is more than the total population of New Zealand. Seriously?
  7. Have you just turned 30? Yes, then you’re celebrating the whole month of your life is your birthday.
  8. “Bangalored” is a legit English word in the Oxford dictionary that simply means being laid off because your job is outsourced.
  9. Every year Mt. Everest is getting taller. So, technically each person is scaling new heights. Cool!
  10. This one is best of all, an unmarried LGBT couple can rent an apartment more easily than an unmarried straight couple.
  11. Just think if you combine the first syllables of Sweden and Denmark you spell Swe-Den. And, if you do the same with the last syllables, your spell Den-Mark. Interesting, right?
  12. Do you know that one in five Americans can’t read? The United States ranks fifth in the world in functional illiteracy, and with 20 percent of the population can only read basic.

Hope, you loved these facts! If you have more facts, please leave your answers in the comment box. We would love to bring you more amazing facts. Stay tuned!!


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