Saying, India techies in America are going to have a really time in coming years won’t be candid statement. I mean, it may seem like a good time for non- American in Trump’s America. Yes, you actually read Trump’s America. Don’t look too shocked, it’s the current status of America. Anyways, I am here with this post just to draw some light on “Trump’s H-1B”, which has certainly made the nights and days of various IT companies uneasy and stressful. The reason behind this is many, and these are quite serious. We will discuss some of them here!

Before that, you need to understand the certain aspects about the corporate world. How can anyone overlook the fact that “around 75,000 IT employees go to the US on an average every years on H-1B visa. With the US taking steps to curb this gigantic number, and increase the wage cap to protect American worker, the move seems far-reaching implications for various corporation.

Some highlights corporations can anticipate, following Trump’s executive order to overhaul the H-18 visa

  • IT companies will surely fall as these have to pay out more in the form of salaries.
  • Definitely, services will get costlier for corporation and the billing will be high.
  • The draft legislation offers a hike of minimum $130,000 in wage for H-1B visa eligibility.
  • IT companies will be required to prove their digital and Artificial Intelligence (AI) narrative going forward.
  • Companies need to justify the value of the employee sent to work in the US.
  • Hunting talent in the US would be an expensive matter, and scarce going forward.

As the Trump administration’s order has spooked everyone, companies have no other choice, but just to work around it, as global outsourcing is the norm. it will be really interesting to see, what companies would be pushed to do, and at the same time see what US companies will be doing to mitigate their loss resulting from the H-1B restrictions. Honestly, I am really excited and scared at the same time to see – “what comes next from Trump?” Keep fingers crossed!


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