Surely, Donald Trump is such a massive and impressive personality that needs no introduction. He is a popular businessman and notable politician.

Amazingly, 2016 American election has surely added interesting and valuable features to his character as well as achievements. Come on! He is 2016 republic president of the Americas, and this says a lot about his strong character. It does! Let’s have a view at his achievements, personality, and career downfall.

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BIOGRAPHY of Donald Trump


2016 Republican presidential candidate, business leader

  • AGE: 



New York City, NY


New York Military Academy, Wharton School of Finance, Fordham University




United States


  • Got nominated for a Primetime Emmy for “The Apprentice” under the aforesaid category in 2015.
  • Earned the Star on Walk of Fame for his contribution to television in 2007.
  • Inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE hall of fame for his contribution to television.


Life is just like a roller-coaster. And, life has the power to bring surprises or shocks at every corner now and then. This philosophy completely fits for Donald Trump as well. He has undergone some of the most life-changing downfalls. Let’s quickly have a close look at real duds faced by him that turned him into such a massive and deep personality.

  • Trump Airlines

He took a gigantic loan of $245 million loans to purchase the planes and routes of the Eastern Air Shuttle. Despite offering some of the most luxurious experience to the guests, this turned out to a big mistake; he was supposed to ultimately, surrender the ownership of the airlines to his creditors.

  • Games

He teamed up with Milton Bradley to create Trump: The Game. But, never worked the way it was expected to perform and capture the market.

  • Casino

Trump has filed for bankruptcy on his Atlantic City Properties for three times. And, he stepped down as its chairman time the conditions got really serious for the company.

All in all, Donald Trump is one of the most interesting and powerful business and political personality who has been creating headlines every day. And, obviously being president of America is an achievement in itself that says a lot about his being the protagonist in American history.




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