Without a speck of doubt, Netflix – the world’s largest Internet television network – is a name that needs no introduction, especially to all those, who are crazy about good entertainment. In the past few years, it has grown exponentially, and the future looks even brighter for this digital media company.

But, what it is that has made Netflix as gigantic as it has turned out to be is a million dollar question. What is it that makes it miles ahead of various competitor sites, like Yahoo Screen, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu? It would not be wrong to say that this website is a game changing media streaming service provider.

It is one of trendiest websites breaking the internet. It comes as no surprise that viewers are using phrases like “binge watching” and “Netflix and chill” for this service.

Why Netflix is Ruling the Entertainment World

The answer isn’t too difficult. It offers various interesting services that are racing to conquer the market that it has already established. Well, it seems like everyone has an account on the website today.

A few even watch it often than “regular” TV. There are various popular shows that are only available here along with full seasons of the most popular shows available 24*7.

The reasons behind this jaw-dropping popularity of Netflix are many. Here are some of the most amazing factors portraying the wonderful story about its fame.

Ultimately Relaxing

Many fans argue that it is the convenience of Netflix, which is making everyone crazy for it. Be it your computer, tablet, TV, or smart phone, you can watch it on any gadget  your own ease. And you don’t need a long process to sign up. It is really easy to sign up with Facebook, which makes it super quick and super popular.

Be the Master of Your Choice

The recommendation you get for TV shows and films is not based on what somebody else in your house has watched. Whether you love thrilling shows or romantic shows, you are all free to choose according to your taste. You simply select your preference and you’re good to go.

Coolest Things

Is Netflix cool? Hell yeah!

It feels really annoying when someone talks about a TV program you haven’t watched just because you don’t have Netflix. Right?

Breaking Bad is a perfect example of this. And, how can we forget about House of Cards, one impeccable show people are going crazy about? Coolness factors like Hemlock Grove and American Horror Story are some other on the list.

High Profile Shows

Yes, high profile shows are one of the most successful marketing features of this entertainment website due to which it has turned out to be a massive hit. Netflix has paid a really hefty amount to get the streaming rights to “Friends”, and for sure, it has gained subscribers in full measure. Various high profile classic shows like The Wonder Years, Office, MASH, and Cheers can be watched on the Netflix.

The streaming services have proven to be its USP. Due to this, it is ruling every market it has debuted in, and in the coming years, it will be capturing a major portion of the market.

If you are feeling bored, or have no idea about how to spend your weekend, Netflix is the perfect place for thrill, excitement, and drama, allowing you spend time the best way.

Still wondering what’s so exciting about Netflix?


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