Tokyo’s Idea to Craft Medals from Old Smartphones Giving Us New Recycling Goals


Japan always has something or other to surprise the world, and this time it has come up with a really interesting concept of recycled medals for all of us. As you all are aware of the news that Tokyo is the new host for the XXXII Olympiad in the summer of 2020, following Rio and London. This gadget loving country has introduced a brilliant and an out-of-the-box idea – the winning athletes will be presented with medals crafted from metals of various tech gadgets. Yes, don’t get surprised, you read it right!

Now, no matter whether you call it insanity or a creative idea, but it is surely one of the brilliant ideas that anyone can come up with. I mean, who can think of, using old outdated tech devices to make medals for the Olympics. Wow! This amazing idea was first mooted last summer as a way to deal with all electronic waste created by the people of this country. Even, Japan’s three-time Olympic gold medal-winner, gymnast Kohei Uchimura said – “Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic medals will made out of people’s thoughts and appreciation for avoiding waste. I think there is an important message this for the future generation.”

This statement shows that Tokyo is gaining a lot of appreciation for its brilliant idea from everyone. Perhaps, seeing such a rock-solid support from all over the world, the organization committee came up with the official launch of a campaign to motivate people to recycle their old smartphones. This will help the committee to get the metals inside the devices that can be used to craft medals for the event. Let’s have a look at the calculative part of this idea that can clear some air, around 5,000 medals will be needed for the Olympics and Paralympics in Japan, and it is hoped eight tons of metals, including 2,944 kg of bronze, 4,920 kg of silver, and 40 kg of gold is required.

Well, to fulfil this massive demand, the committee is planning to install more than 2,400NTT DOCPMO stores throughout the country. Sounds great? Isn’t it? So, it’s definitely going to be a thrilling and exciting thing to watch the 2020 Olympics thinking that medals offered to all winning athletes could be made from your old smartphone. Amazing!

I, think, Tokyo Olympics deserves a medal for what it’s doing with old smartphones – 2020.


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