The Million Dollar Question is – What Technology is Coming Up with After Mobile?


Technology has never failed to surprise us. Well, certainly it has changed the life to a great extent. Isn’t it? One of the massive examples of drastic changing of technology is too much of dependency on smartphones and television for managing everyday tasks. Yes, these two have had a powerful impact on the life of people. Perhaps, many have accepted smartphones as a normal part of their daily life.

Why Mobile is the Biggest Gift of Technology

I think it won’t be a candid statement to say – “phones are now the Swiss Army Knives of the electronic age”. No doubt, the essential appeal of the consumer has shifted from their eye-catching shiny screens to the sleek, beautiful edge of the apps and access services on these devices.

Hey, do you know that the mobile industry is changing at a pace? It definitely is. Be, it television or mobile, the technology is changing beyond imagination. The jaw-dropping changes are making everyone go wow.

How is Mobile Affecting other Technologies?

Say, there is a virtual grocery store in Korean, which has shelves that are in fact LCD screens. Shoppers choose their desired items by scanning with their cell phone (again your smartphone). The time they are ready to checkout, all of their items will be packed in bags eagerly waiting for them at the counter. Sounds great? Well, for me this is a dream, I mean just think you bought your favourite cookies or bar of chocolate without even touching it; everything is done in a virtual way. Amazing!

Things don’t end here, soon, the tech experts would be launching a phone that will be checking your pulse, take your temperature and provide your doctor with the latest medical report. They are also working on emotional sensors, which could be added to help transmit your emotions as well as your words.


This means that next interesting things about mobiles, or something related to this technology will be launched within 40 years; it could be next 40 days or less than that. The question is, will you be able to balance your life with the changing technology?

Give it a thought!


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