If you live each day as if I was your last, someday you will most certainly be right. If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today? And, whenever the answer has been no for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something” – Steve Jobs

These powerful and motivational words are said by Steve Jobs who was the man behind your iPhone or Macbooks. Yes, he was the co-founder Apple Computer with Steve Wozniak. If, I would give a chance to describe the personality of Steve Jobs, I would just say, he is a savvy businessman and has a strong visionary who made it his mission to cultivate personal computing, rephrasing the rules of user experience design.

Here are some achievements, downfalls, and interesting facts about him that you would surely love to know. Excited?

Motivational Achievements 

  • The first Apples – The entire credit behind offering a mass-market personal computer a reality goes to intelligence and capability of his great man.
  • iPod – The iPod and its corresponding iTunes content licensing strategy, offers another example of Jobs’ unique power to achieve commercial success as well as innovation.
  • iPhone – The brilliant idea of integration of music, email, calendars, applications, and contacts on a single device is that function as a cell phone is yet another example of his exceptional talent.
  • The Xerox PARC visits – His uncanny ability to sense the future while maintaining the balance between commercial success and innovation is something that is hard to find.


Like any individual, Steve has also experienced some of the toughest time in life and downfalls in a career. Here are some of them:

  • Recruiting John Sculley as CEO of Apple
  • Believing that Pixar would be a successful hardware company
  • Launching an array of product failures such as Macintosh TV, The Apple III, etc.
  • Trying to sell Pixar various times.

I would just like to conclude that he is a man who is an inspiration to many. No doubt, why he was named as

the greatest entrepreneur of our time

by Fortune magazine, he deserves it. Truly! He was a motivational personality.


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