How Multiple-Photo Album Posts Feature Making Instagram Users Go WOW!


Posting your random clicks on the Instagram is truly a fun and an exciting thing in itself. But! But! But! Here is thrilling news for you that can double your love for photography and Instagram. Excited? Are you ? This social media platform is introducing a new surprise for its users – “Multiple-photo Album Posts”.

Yes! You read it right; now, you can post multiple images at the same time. Isn’t that great? The company is testing out this amazing feature in its Android beta release, Droid Life reports. Multiple-photo album was something that was reserved by this platform for its carousel ads. With the help of this post, I would just like to draw some light on this latest feature.

Instagram Multiple Photo Feature Giving Goosebumps to Users

Let’s talk about it!

Most of us, usually desire of uploading multiple images at the same time on it, now this scenario is about to get true. Yes, you guessing it right, you can post a batch of photographs with your followers. Instagram has come up with an update to Android beta tester to allow multiple photos in a single post. Now, users can swipe between images like carousel ad.

What Makes this Feature the Headline of the Social Media World?

Well, the answer is here, this feature allows users to pick and choose up to 10 photos from their camera roll to update into single post album post. Surely, it will allow followers more content without flooding their feeds.

Some Highlights about Instagram Multiple Photograph Feature

  • Users can select up to 10 images to a post at once
  • Enjoy using different platforms and edit on each image included in a single post
  • Easy on your fingers

I find it quite interesting!

Instagram has always made continuous efforts to make this social platform maintain its popularity among the users. And, by introducing such features it leaves no stone unturned to keep its users engaged to it always. Maybe, this is the reason that you can’t miss checking out Instagram daily. Multiple clicks! Filter them! Post! And enjoy Instagram in a completely new way!



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