How Men and Women Tanned Body is like the Different Sides of the Same Coin


Tanned! Do you know that British men are really crazy for tanned body? Yes! Well, this love for tan body even heads them towards a salon to get  fake tan body. With this blog, I would just like to clear some idea about artificial tanning. Moreover, how men fake tan is different from women fake tan.  Yes, don’t feel surprised after knowing that just like men, women are also mad about artificial tan. Isn’t it interesting?

What Does Studies say about Tanned Body Concept?

And, if you go by a recent study conducted by National Geographic, women find tanned men more attractive than a pale skin tone. This is not what I am saying rather it an aspect that has been proven by scientists timely. So, tanned men have better chances of impressing a woman in comparison to pale tone guys. On the other hand, women suggested that men from all regions find a pale skinned woman most alluring, while women are opposite and favor tanned men. Sounds amazing? Isn’t it?

According to a survey, seven men in the UK accepted to having used a fake tan in the last 12 months. Yes! It’s true. Even, the celebrities like Rylan Clark, Mark Wright, and many of them are not left behind from getting mad about the tanning mania. Especially, young men can’t resist the craziness for tanned body, as they know that women will love it. Apart from this liking concept about tanning, “do you have an idea that women tan is different than men?” Yes, it is different.

We all know that there is huge difference between the skin texture of women and men. Both are different not only in terms of psychology, body structure, and skin texture. Men can get tanned body and the color can last for a long time, whereas for women things are a little different. Beautiful ladies, you need to be a bit careful when you try getting tanned body, it can damage your skin texture, if done the wrong way. Be careful!

Tanned body is the new fashion!



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