How Latest Updates in Google Adwords will Change Everything Around You?


Google Adwords new interface is the proof that company has never taken a backseat in creating new features that keep viewers excited and engaged. Yes, it has never left any stone unturned to make Google interesting among viewers.

Google Adwords – Overview

It has recently announced a series of significant changes, and its annual Google Performance Summit in San Francisco. The latest six changes aim to allow advertisers to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world.

With the new announcements, AdWords will now have the following features. Excited? Are you? Here we go!

Mobile Responsive Ads for Google Adwords Display Network

Now, AdWords will provide native ad units that can adjust to the assorted content across the two million-plus publisher sites and apps. Wow! PPC marketers are required to provide headlines, ad description, URL and image.

Modifying Remarketing Campaigns

It will be offering extended reach for GDN remarketing campaigns by giving advertisers access to cross exchange inventory. With the unlocking feature of new native inventory in apps and mobile would help an array of websites that are depended on another network for native ad serving.

Stretched Search Text Ads

Earlier this year, Google conducted various tested this feature with some advertisers and noticed that there was a hike of 20% in click-through rates when this feature was applied. The new ad units are optimized for screen sizes of the most popular smartphones and offer more ad space so brands can showcase detailed product information to users.

Better Location Search

This is rolling out on and Google Maps, these ads will help retailers increase their store visit. This format includes promoted pins for nearby businesses, offering a fresh look for local business pages, and some additional features.

Interface Redesign

Redesign Adwords interface something that is going to create a lot of buzz among the users, but it will be launched by the end of 2017. The new interface will be user-friendly so this feature will change things on a positive note.

 Adwords Bid Adjustment for Each Device Type 

The final takeaway is an Adword Bid Adjustment for every device. The next few months will see Google offer the ability to fix individual bid adjustments for every device type. This enables advertisers to set their base keyword bids to the device offering a better opportunity for businesses.

No doubt, these up gradation will surely make Adword interesting like never before. But yes, I feel a little upset to say – we need to wait by the end of this year to enjoy some of them.  Honestly saying, these up-gradations are worth waiting for. Looking forward for seeing the new results!



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