Got Fred?

Almost every month, Google comes up with an update that has webmaster’s deleting pages.

Did your search rank and web traffic drop? Yes, it is possible that your website must have got affected by the most recent semi major Google algorithm update. Now, I realized that most of our client-base, this statement sounds like a lot of nerdy tech jargon.

Therefore, this tech upgrading is very necessary to your continued growth and success. It is for this reason, that we stay on toes and pay attention to what may or may not affect our SEO campaigns.

It seems on March 8, Google rolled out another one that’s being called Fred. Most of the sites witnessed their traffic drop by as much as 90%.

What is “Fred” All about?

“Fred” has sustainably affected websites using Black Hat (and even Gray Hat) SEO techniques.  I think it is possible that this update went unknown, since it addressed what is already a part of the webmaster guidelines. To that end, there is anything shocking or new about this amazing update.

Nevertheless, it is important to have a website that drives traffic and brings in new leads is vital to any business. Therefore, this tech is a life line for the growth and success of a business.

Okay, Gray Hat SEO refers to practices that are generally considered unreliable and illegitimate. Now, this includes various tactics such as link spamming, spammy backlinks, duplicate content, and so many. The reason behind using this is to list their websites get higher rankings.

Recovery to Fred

  • Better Content

We all know that content is the king of SEO, so upload 100% unique and quality content for better website ranking. Revise and improve the content of the sites to make it more useful for visitors and get desired ranking.

  • Remove Ads

If you are heavily depending on Ad clicks, no wonder you are going to have a bad time. You must Ads blocks your user from getting to the content, and they may slow the site down. Just find the right amount of Ads that will work for your website.

No wonder, this Google “Fred” will be shaking the ranking of various top websites. But, the solution lies in understanding each and every thing about this update to save your website from getting affected. Google! Google! All the on the roll, let’s see how your website gets hit by the update!

Finger crossed!


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