Who says women are safe these days? Do you think so? If yes, I think you forgot to check the newspaper for the day, please do go through to understand that it is high time women should start going for self-defense. Yes, they should.

This blog gives women written speaks volumes about the collective female psyche of today. The statistical reality we forget that our superwomen need to learn their techniques to use their super powers.

But, the reality is, if we expect things to change, then we need to be the principal architects in the effectuating that change. Here are 5 reasons why women should go for self-defense.

Crime is Common

We all know that crime can happen to anyone at anytime. Whether you want to live in your fantasy world or not, this is the harsh and unforgettable reality. Nowadays, we keep hearing about criminal incidents, so it is important to know about ways to handle such situations.

If you are stuck in such a situation, what will you do then? Self-defense is the solution to it.

Boost Confidence

Well, we all women, be it you, me, your wife, your girlfriend, your friend, anyone can come across a situation where there is a thread of life. Protecting them against assault, domestic violence, incest, and rape and the ultimate to this is to go for self-defense.

This gives you a sense of empowerment, resulting in boosting your confidence.

Assures You True Life Insurance

Insurance is like having extra protection, and learning self-defense is like having a safe guard.

I think all these reasons are more than enough to say that SELF DEFENSE is the need of the society. Agreed? So, all men show your gentlemen skills by encouraging them to be a part of women self-defense class. Hey, superwomen you may get surprised with what you are capable of doing. This is the reason we say that self-defense is the best defense!


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