Styling! Fashion! Trends! All these words remind us of a single thought, 2017 has started so the fashion trends are about to get a twist and turn. Well, with the help of this blog, I here to give you a fashion’s cutting edge that can make you look stunning and fashionable through the year. Be, it summer or winter, I have of list of trends that will be ruling this year. Here is a list of trends to become your own wardrobe staples. Get stylish and glamorous!


Tie Dye

Tie dye is never out of trend, but yes, it has certainly seen various twists with time. So, you can wear a tie dye t-shirt or beach dress, and you are all set to create a fashion statement. Go for bold color palettes to stay a step ahead than others. Try it!


Girls get ready to show your beautiful shoulders with an expose shoulder cutout dress or top. Showing a little skin the shoulder can make you look totally a fashion diva. And, you can team up a junk neckpiece of add a little more glamour.

Bold Stripes

Yes, bold stripes are back in trend. Just go for bright colors and wide stripes printed outfits. These look great and stylish.

Caged Stiletto

Who says it’s only your outfits that make you look wow, even accessories play a crucial look. Team your simple outfit with gladiator heel ups and you are all set to flaunt your amazing legs. These go great with any dress!


Long Cardigan

Ok, everyday can’t be legging or jacket day. If you want to have casual look at same time fashionable, you can surely go for bold color long cardigan. Too hot in freezing weather!

Black Leather Jacket

Well, black leather jacket can never go boring or de-glam. Just pair the right accessories and bottoms, you are all set to rock the mind of everyone.

Bell Sleeve Sweater

You can already see bell sleeves everywhere and it’s high time you incorporate them into your wardrobe. It looks amazing and classic.

Hope these fashion tips can help you look more stylish and fashionable this year. Just remember to wear smile to look beautiful just like a sunset.


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