3 Jaw-Dropping Research that will be Creating Headlines In 2017


Researches play really crucial role when it comes to development. Moreover, it has been an important part of science from eons. Every year there is n-number of research conducted by experts to introduce some important changes that can improve science. No doubt, these researchers have been the reason behind various drastic changes taken in the science world.

In simpler words, research is the key to new innovations and discoveries. With the help of this blog, I would just like to draw some light on the 3 latest research related to the science field that are creating headlines.

Matching Names to Faces of Strangers is Possible – New Research

According to new research, people have a better chance at correctly matching people’s name to their face suggestion. This may actually sound a little weird, but it’s true. Even experts at the American Psychology Association have come up with results that show matching names to faces is really simple, and even an accurate process. It has even changed the cultural stereotypes we attach to the names.

Soon You Get Better Vaccines and New Antivirals

After research of eons, scientists have identified a new regulator of the innate immune response – the quick and natural response to foreign invaders. Well, various studies have suggested that therapeutics that modulate the regulator may represent the next generation of vaccine adjuvants, antiviral drugs, cancer immune therapies, and treatment for autoimmune disease.

Tiny Fibres Unlock New Windows into the Brain

For the first time in the history of science, a single flexible fibre no bigger than a human hair, brilliantly delivered an interesting combination of electrical, optical and chemical signals are back and forth into the brain. This new idea concept is based on a thought that was presented a few years back. There are various research that talking about the affect of technology.

I think technology is changing at a pace, and it is affecting our daily life. Surely, 2017 has a number of wow surprises hidden for all those looking for something that can bring an impressive chance. Stay tuned for more updates!


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